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I have known Kent escorts for quite a long time now for I had been into different places and one of those places where London and that is where I had the chance to meet and encounter with one of the most famous escorts all over London the Kent escorts. I roamed around London for sightseeing of the different scenic views of the place but what really captures my whole attention where the ladies in the place for they were such gorgeous and appealing kind of women and men will look up unto them with so much appreciation when it comes to their aura and their personality. So had been hook up with them due to their majestic formation of their bodies which is proportionally equal to the beauty of their angelic faces. I do really enjoy looking unto them.

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There was this woman who came closer to me and ask me of my name and I began to wonder why she seems so interested of who really I am. She is an escort connected to Kent escorts and she just can’t get over of how I look unto her when I was in the middle of my dinner in the hotel where stayed. I just so love her lovely face and her sexy body figure that really fits on the casual dress that she’s wearing. Out of my nowhere she came closer to me and that made me surprise even more. She feel so devastated of how I look at her that makes her approach me personally. I do tell her sorry and tell her in all honesty why I look at her that way and I was so lucky then that she has that good heart that she was able to understand what I feel which so sincere and honest.

After the encounter that I had with an escort during my dinner I went up straight into my room but before that I drop by in a lobby for I want to smell some fresh air and when I was there I saw her again the Kent escort woman that I saw inside the hotel. She was talking someone on the other line and it seems that they were arguing for her tone of voice were mad. I just simply stayed away from her but still looking at her. I had this feeling that I want to get closer with her and comfort her for I had this feeling in myself that I had known her for so long I just don’t when and where but I know I had met her before. When I was about to go up somebody called up my name and when I turn back I saw her it was the Kent escort woman called  me up and out of my surprise he knows my nickname that only my loved ones knows it and they are the ones calling me that name. Seeing her after calling my name I had just realized that I really had met her 5 years ago still here in London for I stayed her for work and she was my girlfriend then. She was my girlfriend for we decided to have separate lives after I moved in a different place for she want me to pursue my dream and give me time to think of my life and when I am ready she will be all here in London waiting for me.

I was not able to recognize her immediately for she really looks so well than she was before. Though she’s so pretty and sexy that time but her sexiness and beauty this time is something magnificent and one of a kind beauty that every man would truly appreciate with. I never thought I could still met her again for I had a zero idea about where is she is going after the break up though we had a very nice separation still I had in my mind of what is she going especially on times of my loneliness. But out by my surprise I was here standing in front of the best escorts in Kent and which is sexier than ever beforeI met her.





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